A wise man once said, “All the secrets are in books.” Here you’ll find important resources with nearly universal relevance. The texts below push the boundaries of higher level concepts while maintaining two feet on the ground in practicality.


Developing World-Class Coaches

This how-to guide, Developing World-Class Coaches, reveals the groundbreaking model for excellent coaching developed at DEUCE Gym. Inside you will find clearly outlined, universally applicable mechanics behind personal development from technical understanding of the craft and contextual perspective to the practice of adaptive leadership. This book is for anyone interested in being great or building a remarkable organization. Soon you will be armed with the resources to remove the autopilot-like stagnation of your coaching ability or that of the staff that you manage.

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Developing an Unbeatable Culture

This interactive tool, Developing an Unbeatable Culture, uncovers the mechanics of cultures that win championships, dominate the competition in business, and overachieve beyond the sum of their parts. What you can expect inside are clearly distilled academic-level principles in group dynamics, real life case studies in both business and sport, and practical exercises for real time application.

Any organization or team will be able to not just create important awareness, but implement systems to foster a culture that beats any top down leadership structure on Monday morning. Finally the intangible x-factor of great culture is made tangible.

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